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Thank you for visiting our tribute page to Zee Toys / Zylmex.  We hope you find it informative as well as fun!  If you have any questions or ideas for the site, please drop me an e-mail at  Please note that this site is a fan site only.  None of the items you see in the catalogs listed below are for sale.  These items have long been out of production.  All applicable names and trademarks are the property of Intex Corp. and Zyll Enterprise Ltd. (which went out of business in March 1996 and sold their dies and trademarks to a frim in Hong Kong in 1997).    Intex was the only importer of Zee Toys to the US until 1993. Some Zee Toys / Zylmex products are currently being sold in the US by Motormax. Also note that while Zee Toys and Zylmex are no longer being produced, The Intex Corp. is still in the business of providing quality items to it's customers. Please visit their site at  In addition to Intex Corp., Zee Toys have also been carried by a Ductch Licensee, Edocar and Sears produced a set of Pacesetters called "Roadmates". This site is still under construction.  Bear with me while I finish getting the catalog pictures scanned in.  Eventually, this site will contain links to other Zylmex / Zee Toys fan sites as well as pictures of Zylmex / Zee Toys items from my personal collection.  Thank you for visiting
Russell Jones

Zee Toys Corporate Headquarters Long Beach, CA as it appeared in 1980.

1974 Zee Toys Catalog
1979 Zee Toys Catalog
1980 Zee Toys Catalog
1982 Zee Toys Catalog
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Zee Toys Catalog.
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Zee Toys Catalog.
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Zee Toys Catalog.
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All brand and product names and likenesses are the property of Zyll Enterprises and the Intex Corp.  This web-site is for information purposes only and is not intended to defame or capitalize on any of the products listed herein.  The items depicted in this web-site are out of production and are not currently available from retail outlets or the manufacturers.  These items may only be obtained through the secondary collectors market.  If you have any questions regarding this site and it's content, please contact Russell Jones at

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